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EID Prayer Timings

Eid Al Adhaa Salah will be held 4-times Inshallah. Please check the times below.

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Eid Al Adha Salah Timings
First Come First Serve

(FAJR Salah on Eid Al Adha Day will be held at 5:30AM)

1st Dhul-Hijjah  –  Sunday July 11
Arafah Day – Monday July 19
Eid Al Adha – Tuesday July 20

EID AL ADHA Salah will be held 3 times as follow:

  • 1st Salah     6:30 AM
  • 2nd Salah   8:00 AM
  • 3rd Salah    9:30 AM
  • 4th Salah   10:00 AM

Donate – the Masjid needs your support!

Our administration is present at the Masjid from Asr Prayer to Isha Prayer. You can drop your cash Donation, Sadaqa, Zakat, or Fitra.

Donate Online = https://weicenter.ca/donate

Community can reach our Imam at cell number = (416) 930-8964

Today’s Prayer Times

May 17, 2022

17 Shawwal 1443

Fajr Iqamah

5:15 AM

Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fajr4:12 AM 5:15 AM
Sunrise5:52 AM
Zuhr1:15 PM 2:00 PM
Asr6:25 PM 6:45 PM
Maghrib8:42 PM 8:42 PM
Isha10:09 PM 10:20 PM


Friday Prayers

Friday Prayers From Jun 11 – First Come First Serve

1st Prayer
1:30PM English
2nd Prayer
2:15PM Urdu
3rd Prayer

4th Prayer
3:45PM English

Do not park in front of Units (1-6).
Please park on Sladeview street. Parking in other building parking lots is not permitted and may result in fines.

Send an Interac e-Transfer from your Bank account

Name:  West End Islamic Center

Email Address: Office@weicenter.ca

Please include the following info in message body:

  1. Name for Tax Receipt
  2. Whether it is for Masjid Donation / Sadaqa (for needy) / Sadaqa Lillah / Zakat / Fitra / Fidya.
  3. Phone Number
  4. Email Address

To Physically Drop-Off cheque/cash:

Please arrange with Imam by calling (416) 930-8964 to drop off – Donation, Sadaqa, Zakat, Fitra, Fidya, Kaffara