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Donate for your Masjid

“Those who spend (in charity) their wealth in the night and in the day, secretly and openly, they will have their reward with their Lord, there is no fear over them nor will they grieve.” [Quran 2:274].

Today’s Prayer Times

May 18, 2024

10 Dhū al-Qa'da 1445

Fajr Iqamah

5:15 AM

2 Hours 24 Minutes
Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fajr4:10 AM 5:15 AM
Sunrise5:51 AM
Zuhr1:15 PM 2:00 PM
Asr6:25 PM 6:45 PM
Maghrib8:43 PM 8:43 PM
Isha10:11 PM 10:30 PM
Jumuah 1:30 PM | 2:30 PM | 3:30 PM

Friday Prayers

1st Prayer
1:30 PM English
2nd Prayer
2:30 PM Urdu
3rd Prayer

:30 PM

Do not park in front of Units (1-6).
Please park on Sladeview street. Parking in other building parking lots is not permitted and may result in fines.

Regular in-person Quran Classes Start

For more information and downloading REQUIRED Registration form, please visit  https://weicenter.ca/regular-quran-classes/ Please bring duly filled and printed forms when visiting for Registration including Screening Form.

All students or parents on behalf of their children, must fill up daily COVID Screening Form – Click here

Community can also reach our Imam at cell number = (416) 930-8964 or email = office@weicenter.ca

Donate – the Masjid needs your support!

Our administration is present at the Masjid from Asr Prayer to Isha Prayer. You can drop your cash Donation, Sadaqa, Zakat, or Fitra.

Donate Online = https://weicenter.ca/donate

Community can reach our Imam at cell number = (416) 930-8964

Send an Interac e-Transfer from your Bank account

Name:  West End Islamic Center

Email Address: Office@weicenter.ca

Please include the following info in message body:

  1. Name for Tax Receipt
  2. Whether it is for Masjid Donation / Sadaqa (for needy) / Sadaqa Lillah / Zakat / Fitra / Fidya.
  3. Phone Number
  4. Email Address

To Physically Drop-Off cheque/cash:

Please arrange with Imam by calling (416) 930-8964 to drop off – Donation, Sadaqa, Zakat, Fitra, Fidya, Kaffara